Xemelgo for Manufacturing

Modernize your production operations with Smart Factory solutions from Xemelgo

Elevate your manufacturing process to new heights with Xemelgo's cutting-edge solutions. With features designed to locate missing orders, manage aging work-in-progress, and identify bottlenecks, Xemelgo ensures on-time delivery and efficient resource allocation.

Integrate Xemelgo with existing systems to eliminate manual data entry errors, save time, and optimize workflow efficiency. Experience the future of manufacturing with Xemelgo's comprehensive suite of solutions.


RFID Work Order Tracking


Automatically track order location using fixed RFID readers and antennas mapped to departments and stations on your production floor. Use handheld RFID readers to quickly locate missing or lost orders. 

Visual Factory Management 


Complement Lean with real-time dashboards that improve operational performance, increase throughput, and improve delivery by making waste visible to your entire team.

Performance Metrics & Reporting


Empower your manufacturing team leaders and support staff with user-friendly tools to proactively address bottlenecks, stoppages, and delivery delays in every department.

Work Order Prioritization


Set clear priorities and optimize production efficiency with automated job scheduling. Ensure seamless workflow management and timely order completion with intelligent scheduling systems that adjust dynamically to changing conditions.

Calibrated Asset Tracking


Monitor and manage calibrated assets such as quality inspection tools, electronic test equipment, and assembly tools to maintain compliance. Quickly locate these assets using RFID technology to ensure they are always available when needed. 

Production Equipment Tracking


Efficiently track jigs, fixtures, and tooling to maintain organized and effective production processes. Monitor service due dates to ensure timely maintenance and prevent downtime. Automatically track asset locations using low-cost sensors for optimal workflow management.

RFID Inventory Management


Efficiently manage raw materials, finished goods, supplies, chemicals, spare parts, and more with RFID technology. Gain real-time visibility and control over your inventory to streamline operations and reduce costs. 

Automated Labor Tracking 


Track employee time effortlessly using RFID badges. Automatically capture time spent at machines and workstations, eliminating the need for manual timekeeping and reducing overhead.

Chemical Inventory Management


Ensure compliance and reduce waste with Xemelgo’s Chemical Management solution. Benefit from material expiration and low stock alerts, Safety Data Sheet (SDS) management, and RFID inventory audits, all designed to save time and streamline the management and distribution of chemicals.


Unleashing manufacturing efficiency

From locating lost orders to managing work-in-progress and identifying bottlenecks, our innovative tools are designed to streamline operations and boost efficiency. With real-time performance metrics, automated job scheduling, and seamless integration with existing systems, Xemelgo empowers your business to overcome operational challenges and achieve optimal productivity. Discover the full potential of your manufacturing operations with Xemelgo's cutting-edge solutions.  

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