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Integrated solutions for the modern retailer

Discover the future of retail with Xemelgo. From automated inventory management and lightning-fast cycle counts using RFID, to theft and loss prevention and seamless point-of-sale experiences, we help retailers bring their operations into the 21st century.

Boost efficiency, optimize your inventory, and elevate your customer experience with our tailored solutions designed for the modern store.


RFID Inventory Management


With the Xemelgo software, manual cycle counting, inventory inaccuracy, and stockouts become a thing of the past.  Automate manual transactions and be alerted before potential issues arise.

Visual Store & Supply Chain Visibility


Xemelgo provides real-time insights into inventory movement and levels within your stores and across your supply chain. With intuitive visualization tools, you can easily manage your inventory across multiple stores and distribution centers.

Shrinkage & Loss Prevention


Shrinkage and loss prevention are significant challenges for retailers, leading to revenue loss and decreased profitability. Using alerts and real-time tracking, Xemelgo alerts you to unexpected inventory movement, minimizing theft and shrinkage.

Point Of Sale (POS) Integrations


Xemelgo integrates with POS solutions to transform the customer experience with intuitive and fast checkout to meet the evolving needs of the modern retailer.

Picklist Verification


Xemelgo's inventory picklist verification software streamlines the process of ensuring accurate fulfillment of orders by providing comprehensive tools for validating inventory against picklists.

RFID Label Verification


Xemelgo's QC Checker App makes it easy to verify correct EPC encoding on products tagged with RFID. Save time by verifying RFID tags in bulk and guarantee labeling accuracy with 100% verification to your customers.

Shipment & Delivery Tracking


With real-time visibility into shipment status, from order fulfillment to final delivery, retailers can effectively track packages, anticipate delivery times, and proactively address any potential issues that may arise.


Unlocking retail excellence

From inventory management to customer engagement, our suite of capabilities is designed to empower your business at every stage. Discover how Xemelgo's innovative tools can streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and propel your retail endeavors to new heights. Explore our offerings and unlock the full potential of your retail enterprise with Xemelgo to solve operational challenges from raw materials to finished goods and beyond.  

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