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We make it easy to track anything and everything

Xemelgo helps customers manage all types of assets - even in heavily regulated industries.

Easily track assets from calibrated inspection equipment to production tooling, lab equipment, maintenance tools, IT assets, blueprints, bins, and much more.

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Turnkey asset management solutions

Xemelgo’s award-winning software and industry-leading partners deliver end-to-end solutions without the pain of a complicated science project.  

Xemelgo provides a wide range of tracking technologies to ensure the optimal price-performance sweet spot is achieved for your application. From barcodes to QR-codes, OCR, RFID, and beyond, Xemelgo has you and your assets covered.  


Double-digit ROI is just the beginning…

Maximize Productivity

Low-cost RFID tags make every asset in your facility easy to search and find using a handheld scanner, saving hours of searching each week. 

Eliminate Audit Risk

Manage asset expiration and calibration schedules with ease. Be alerted to important dates as they approach and get notified immediately if expired assets are on your production floor. 

Track in Real-Time 

Never misplace an asset again with sensor-based tracking that shows you where any item is at any time. Pinpoint the exact location with a handheld RFID scanner. 

Prevent Loss

Assets and tools tend to walk in facilities of all sizes. Be alerted when assets go missing or leave their home base. 

Intuitive User Experience

Xemelgo’s Asset Management solution was co-developed with manufacturers to be easy to use on the factory floor. Training manual not required.  

Highly Scalable

Xemelgo’s cloud-based solutions architecture is built for scale to manage everything from a few dozen assets to tens of thousands.  


Centrix saved time and eliminated compliance risk

"The confidence that I have now in going into my AS9100 audit is amazing. I don't have to worry about calibration, Xemelgo is going to be right there with me.” 

— Dawn Fechtel, Director of Quality @ Centrix Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can RFID be used for asset tracking?

RFID technology is an efficient, cost-effective, and proven solution for asset tracking.  

Low-cost application-specific tags with integrated chips and antennas are attached to each asset to track their location with RFID readers. When paired with award-winning software from Xemelgo, RFID can solve asset management’s  most challenging problems with intuitive software, automated alerts, and more.  

Xemelgo partners with industry-leading RFID tag, hardware manufacturers, and systems integrators to provide turnkey solutions for your use case, whatever that may be!

How can I get started with RFID asset tracking?

Getting started with RFID asset tracking has never been easier. Businesses have deployed started kits in one afternoon to begin their RFID journey when armed with just a single RFID handheld scanner and sample RFID tags.  

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How much do RFID asset tracking solutions cost?

Xemelgo is hardware-agnostic, and our Asset Management Software offers straight-forward monthly subscription pricing for unlimited assets, unlimited users, built-in human support, and free upgrades.  

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My assets are truly unique, will RFID work?!

There is an RFID tag for your use case.  

From freezers to furnaces, the Xemelgo solutions team and our industry-leading partners have helped manufacturers of all sizes track assets ranging from blueprints to assembly tooling in industrial settings and extreme environments.  

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How do you pronounce Xemelgo?

'Za-mehl-GO'… in case you were wondering! 😉  

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