Erase the stress of missing or incomplete shipments

Xemelgo uses real-time monitoring and intelligent alerts to ensure you can address anomalies before they grow into problems.

Xemelgo Shipment Tracking Best Manufacturing Software

Xemelgo shipment tracking makes everything easier


Bring the transparency of shipment tracking to your business

Experience the power of real-time monitoring as every step of your shipment's journey is meticulously tracked and recorded. From the moment a shipment leaves its origin to destination, you gain complete visibility into its status, location, and expected arrival time. Make informed decisions and stay ahead of potential disruptions.

In today's fast-paced and interconnected world, managing shipments moving between your facilities can be challenging, leading to blind spots in your manufacturing process and causing unnecessary delays. With our shipment tracking, those blind spots become a thing of the past.

Xemelgo Shipment Tracking Best Manufacturing Software
Xemelgo Shipment Tracking Best Manufacturing Software

Experience worry-free shipments today

Xemelgo's Shipment Tracking provides valuable data insights and analytics, enabling you to identify patterns, optimize routes, and streamline your logistics operations. Make data-driven decisions and maximize the efficiency of your supply chain like never before.

Our intelligent alert system acts as your proactive safeguard, notifying you of any anomalies or deviations from the expected route or timeline. Early detection of potential issues empowers your team to take swift corrective actions, preventing minor hiccups from snowballing into significant problems.


Revolutionize your shipment tracking process

Confirm delivery with real-time data

View internal shipment status in real-time just as you do with external packages. Receive an alert when your shipment reaches its destination.

Discover incomplete shipments quickly

Sensor data tells you not just that your shipment arrived, but that your whole shipment arrived. Verify departure and destination quantities to avoid incomplete deliveries.

Get immediate alerts for fast resolution

Intelligent alerts tell you when a shipment deviates from its intended destination or schedule so you can get things back on track right away.

Consistently meet delivery schedules

With full visibility of internal shipments, you can be sure schedules aren’t missed because a delivery was misrouted or lost.

Optimize Resource Allocation

Ensure that your workforce and assets are efficiently utilized, contributing to cost savings and improved productivity.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Reliable and on-time deliveries resulting from effective shipment tracking contribute to enhanced customer satisfaction.


How Sekisui Aerospace transformed their manufacturing operations with Xemelgo  

"SEKISUI looked for a partner to implement its vision for a paperless factory, the only company that was able to deliver on our vision was Xemelgo! We’ve been able to increase production, benefit from cost savings, all while staying compliant with regulations 

Julie Traweek, Sr. Manager @ Sekisui Aerospace