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Supply Chain management solutions for the 21st Century

Transform your supply chain with Xemelgo's sensor-powered solutions. Our comprehensive suite enhances visibility, reduces risk, and boosts efficiency from raw materials to finished goods.

Automatically track inventory, monitor stock levels, ensure compliance, and forecast demand with Xemelgo. Experience the future of supply chain management with Xemelgo.


Supply Chain Insights


Xemelgo leverages advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms to enable businesses to uncover actionable insights, optimize processes, and make informed decisions.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)


With Xemelgo, businesses can view and manage inventory levels across their clients, reduce stockouts, and improve order accuracy, leading to an better supply chain experience and stronger partnerships between vendors and clients.

Grab-and-Go Inventory


Efficiently manage raw materials, finished goods, supplies, chemicals, spare parts, and more with RFID technology. Gain real-time visibility and control over your inventory to improve day-to-day operations and reduce manual record keeping. 

Goods Receipt


Automatically receive goods coming into your facility. Xemelgo ensures accurate receipt and verification of goods, reducing errors, improving inventory accuracy and overall operational efficiency.


Shelf-Life Inventory Management


Stay on top of your inventory shelf-life using real-time alerts, automated tracking and audits. Xemelgo helps to minimize inventory waste and ensure compliance to lower costs associated with expired items.

Inventory Requests 


Streamline the process of requesting and fulfilling inventory replenishment needs. Xemelgo empowers users to quickly generate, track, and fulfill replenishment requests, ensuring optimal inventory levels and uninterrupted operations.

Spare Parts Inventory Management


Minimize downtime by locating what you need when you need it most. Reduce the effort to track and replenish stock of critical spare parts for critical equipment in your facility. 

Returnable Transport Item (RTI) Tracking


Xemelgo offers tools for monitoring and managing the movement of reusable containers, pallets, and packaging materials. With automated tracking and reporting capabilities, Xemelgo enables your business to optimize RTI utilization and reduce losses.

Chemical Inventory Management


Ensure compliance and reduce waste with Xemelgo’s Chemical Management solution. Benefit from material expiration and low stock alerts, Safety Data Sheet (SDS) management, and RFID inventory audits, all designed to save time and streamline the management and distribution of chemicals.


Upgrade your supply chain

Xemelgo offers a suite of advanced features designed to optimize your supply chain operations. From seamless inventory tracking and visual map dashboards to efficient stock management and advanced analytics, our software solutions help businesses with enhance visibility, reducing costs, and improve overall efficiency throughout their supply chain journey.

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