Protime Sports’ Silver Bullet

Discover How Protime Sports revolutionized their Work Order management overnight with Xemelgo’s RFID-powered solution.

For Protime Sports, every order of custom sports apparel is unique. However, managing hundreds of customer orders each week was a time-consuming and incredibly frustrating task for their team.  

After a decade of blindly searching for orders every day, the Protime team was initially skeptical that their frustrations could be solved so easily. In just a day, Xemelgo's Work-In-Process tracking solution was implemented. The location of every work order is now automatically tracked, and any order in their facility can be easily located. Xemelgo not only saves the Protime team hours of searching every day, but also reduces stress and boosts their already great customer service.  

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"Finding orders was a real frustration for everybody. I was hoping for the silver bullet to come through the building and solve the problem, and this was it."

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