Streamlining Shipments with RFID

How SEKISUI Aerospace eliminated missing shipments with the help of Xemelgo.

SEKISUI Aerospace faced significant challenges with their internal shipments of single-use plaster tooling, including 600 missing shipments per month, 30% on-time delivery performance, and customers parked in offices asking for parts. Their key challenge was rooted in the initial production process: the daily creation of hundreds of single-use plaster layup tools in a satellite facility managed on paper. Any delay at this stage had a domino effect, disrupting downstream operations and negatively impacting on-time delivery. 

By implementing Xemelgo's Shipment Tracking solution, SEKISUI Aerospace gained real-time visibility into shipments across three facilities, resulting in increased productivity, flat headcount with increasing rate, and elimination of missing shipments. 

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"We completely eliminated missing plaster shipments, its not an issue anymore."