RFID Picklist Verification

Effortlessly Validate Orders with RFID Picklist Verification

Eliminate errors and boost efficiency with Xemelgo’s RFID solutions

Ensure Order Accuracy

Eliminate pick, pack, and ship errors by verifying order contents against picklists.

RFID Compliance Ready

Meet RFID mandate requirements from major retailers like Walmart and Nordstrom.

Streamline Order Fulfillment

Accelerate order processing and fulfilment with RFID technology.

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Validate orders contents using RFID

Whether you’re kitting pallets in a distribution center or fulfilling an online order, Xemelgo makes it easy to validate shipments using RFID. Scan customer orders and validate contents seamlessly. 

Reduce Manual Errors: Minimize human error with RFID verification or order contents against picklists. 

Increase Efficiency: Expedite the pick, pack, and ship process for faster order fulfillment. 

Enhance Inventory Control: Improve inventory accuracy and reduce discrepancies. 

User-Friendly Interface: Easy-to-use platform that integrates smoothly with existing workflows. 

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The easiest way to meet RFID supplier mandate requirements

Comply with RFID mandates from major retailers effortlessly with Xemelgo's easy-to-use RFID Picklist Verification solution. 

Ensure Compliance: Easily meet RFID requirements set by top retailers like Walmart and Nordstrom. 

Seamless Integration: Integrate with your existing ERP, eCommerce, and order fulfilment systems without disruptions. 

Improve Supply Chain Transparency: Enhance visibility and traceability throughout your supply chain. 

Reduce Compliance Costs: Lower costs associated with meeting RFID mandates. 

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