Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

VMI made simple with Xemelgo

Transform supply chain distribution with Xemelgo's RFID-powered VMI solution

Audit Without Downtime

Audit thousands of items in seconds using RFID to streamline your physical inventory audits with lightning speed and unparalleled accuracy

Keep Supply Ahead of Demand

Reduce the risk of stock-outs with improved inventory accuracy, intelligent alerts on low stock and expired materials, real-time consumption data, automatic reordering, and more

Gain Visibility Across Sites

Manage inventory across multiple customer sites and gain insight into consumption and trends across all VMI locations.

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Manage inventory across all your customers

Xemelgo offers a cutting-edge solution for businesses seeking streamlined inventory management across diverse customer bases

Hub and Spoke:  Turn your inventory management into a one-stop shop, consolidating data across your entire network.

Shared Visibility: Xemelgo centralizes inventory data while offering shared visibility, ensuring all stakeholders have real-time insights.

Supply Chain Management: Seamlessly manage your supply chain with Xemelgo's intuitive platform, optimizing stock levels and forecasting demand effortlessly.

Access Control: Our robust access control features allow for tailored permissions, safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring confidentiality

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Differentiate your VMI business with RFID

Xemelgo isn't just a software solution; it's your ultimate time and money-saving partner, revolutionizing how you manage inventory and setting your business apart from the competition.

'Grab & Go' Inventory: Xemelgo simplifies inventory management using RFID 'just walk out' technology to drastically reduce overhead cost and improve performance.

Handle Material Expiration: Say goodbye to material waste with Xemelgo's proactive handling of material expiration, minimizing losses and optimizing stock rotation.

Partner Power: By leveraging Xemelgo as your strategic differentiator, you position your business at the forefront of efficiency and innovation.


Xemelgo helped Hisco save 85% of time spent on inventory audits.

"Hisco was looking for a touchless, automated solution for tracking inventory from the VMI tool crib to the manufacturing floor. Xemelgo and our RFID solution have paved the way for new opportunities making it easier for our customers to do business with Hisco."

— Nelson Picard, VP of Operations @ Hisco Inc.

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